3 dic 2009

maria from violacomesincolours sent a funny game to PLURIBALL, I have to answer to a 35 questions list with 1 word answers.
thanks so much for thinking about PLURIBALL!
I'll do my best to answer very quickly.

1.Where is your phone? here.
2.Your hair? tied up.
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3.Your mother? sleeping.
4.Your father? travelling.
5.Your favourite food? potatoes.
6.Your dream last night? train.
7.Your favourite drink? wine.
8.Your dream/goal? happiness.
9.What room are you in? livingroom.
10.Your hobbie? sewing.
11.Your fear? sadness.
12.(is missing).
13.Where were you last night? movies.
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14.Something that you are not? fake.
15.Muffins? mmm
16.Wishlist item? Chanel.
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17.Where did you grow up? Rome.
18.Last thing you did? Shopping!
19.What are you wearing? sweater.
20.Your TV? don't have.
21.Your pets? tortoise.
22.Friends? best.
23.Your life? busy.
24.Your mood? smiling.
25.Missing someone? always.
26.Vehicle? feet.
27.Something that you are not wearing? Fur.
28.Your favourite store? boutiques.
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29.Your favourite colour? Black.
30.When was the last time you laughed? now.
31.The last time you cried? wendsday.
32.Your bestfriend? bestfriends.
33.One place that I go to over and over? everywhere.
34.Facebook? average.
35.Favourite place to eat? grandmother's.

there you are!!
it is fun to discover things we -bloggers- have in common;)
see you around!

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