7 ago 2009

Back or Not
I'm back from my trip in Belgium..Rome is very hot right now and it is difficult to stay calm here so I'm using all my connections to go joining some friends outside of the city. While I'm travelling and going back home I'm also organizing my thoughts around PLURIBALL's blog. holidays always make me think how to change things for better so I'm trying to make some contents more definite in the blog, organizing the posts, my ideas and also starting again with sewing work!
I started just before the holidays a practice in a couture laboratory and it is going so well that I'll be probably doing that for a while, during all the spare time that I can find from work.
I'm learning so much that it is hard to find enough time to try at home what I've learnt. But at the same time I'm working a lot with my mind, sketching ideas of new stuff.
So..There will be some time of brainstorming and little adjustments in the blog. hopefully for good:)

I'm starting right now with a little idea I've realized on polyvore thinking about what I saw in Brussels..as you can see a new conception of VIP!!

there you are.. and PLURIBALL will come back soon!

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